Pre-Employment Screening Services for Smart Hiring

As a manager or employer, you’re constantly trying to ensure you have the most suitable staff members on your team. A background check process is beneficial when you’re looking to bring new hires into your company or organization. Whether you’re looking for a criminal background check, credit check, education verification, reference check or an employment history verification, A&M Global has simple and secure pre- and post-employment solutions for you.

Why Choose Us?

Lower Staffing Costs

Improved Productivity

Safer Work Environment

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Our Service Offerings

Criminal Background Checks

A comprehensive criminal background check can be invaluable when determining if a new candidate is right for your organization. It is vital to know if the prospective hire is honest and trustworthy and avoid any legal liability as an employer.

Employment History Verification

Employment verification checks confirm the start and end dates of the former employment, Job Title and reasons for departure. We confirm by speaking to the process manager, supervisor or human resources personnel.

Education History Verification

Typical education verifications look at a candidate’s high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees. We make sure your potential new-hire actually has the educational background necessary to perform well in their new role.

Credit Check Verification

A proper credit check will allow you to assess the candidate’s financial status and lower the risks involved in hiring someone who is under financial stress. Our Credit check provides details on bankruptcies, collections, liens and credit rating.

Reference Check Verification

Reference checks do more than just measure, A&M Global referees are trained to ask open-ended and probing questions, listen for pregnant pauses and record detailed answers to give you a solid understanding of your Prospective Hire.

Driver's Abstracts

Are you thinking about running a driver’s abstract on a new employee? Our secure and reliable process brings you this information quickly and affordably, allowing you to hire better-qualified staff and reduce organizational turnover.

Pre Employment Screenings

Our reach is expansive. We have partners in all major international jurisdictions, allowing us to complete background checks in 164 countries. Most of the more popular pre-employment screening checks – such as police checks, reference checks, credit checks, driver record checks, education verification and employment verifications – are available.