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Our Employment & Labour Law practitioners provide advice and assistance on Employee, Labor and union issues in connection with workforce management. We understand the importance of maintaining a positive work environment for all parties and will use our experience to provide practical advice for workplace challenges and Employment relations.

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Labour Law

Our Labour relations (LR) consultants are well recognized in the Labour Relations Industry. Our team also comprises Labour relations advisors who have learned and trained under the pedagogy of some notable Union Presidents during the start of their careers. The LR consultants bring Industry experience from various public sectors such as Canada Post, PIPSC, HEABC, Queens University, Etc. Our LR consultants negotiated several collective agreements and represented employers & employees in various Labour disputes such as strikes, wrongful dismissal, Unfair Labour practices, Impasse, Employer speech limitations, Collective agreements- Negotiation & Interpretation, Accommodation, and salaries.

Employment Law

As an employee, your work is often central to your identity. As an employer, you want to do the right thing, while minimizing any legal risk to your organization. You need an employment lawyer who understands both sides. We can advise and represent employers and employees at all stages of the engagement – during the hiring process, and on and after the termination of the employment.

Human Rights

Our team represents and advises employers and service providers, in both the public and private sectors, on complex human rights matters, pay equity disputes, employment equity issues and constitutional questions.


Our Labour relations practitioners can advise and represent you in all stages of an arbitration, including advice on the requirement of the arbitration clause, challenges to court proceedings, the choice of arbitrator(s), the commencement of, or response to, an arbitration proceeding, advice on the rules governing the arbitration, the role of the courts, and representation throughout, including at the hearing. We can also act in appeals, recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards.